Best brushless toothpaste for dogs

Being a dog owner I understand the pain you feel when you see your dog pale and dirty teeth. However it is quite a trouble some job to brush your dog every day. So don’t worry the solution is here and it is a “brush-less toothpaste“.

At a Glance:

We all know that if you need a healthy dog than you should make sure that his mouth is purely hygienic and clean. The brushless toothpaste and dental treats we present to you in this post have a porous texture and they are shaped like a tooth brush. We have suggested only those products in our blog that are suggested by veterinary doctors.

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How brushless toothpaste works

A brush less tooth paste has ridges at the our end which act as a brush as the dog chews the toothpaste. The inside of the brush is filled with tooth paste which is made up of herbal products that freshen the breadth of your dog.

What to look for in a brushless toothpaste

  • It should fight odor and bad smell.
  • It should last longer.
  • Dog should love to chew it for longer duration.
  • It should fight plaque and tartar build up in pet mouth.
  • It should be approved by veterinary doctors and association of pets in United States.

Why to use brushless toothpaste for dogs

Yes, brush-less toothpaste is good for dogs! Here’s why:

  1. It helps remove plaque and tartar.
  2. It freshens breath.
  3. It’s gentle on gums.
  4. It’s safe to swallow (unlike some human toothpastes).
  5. It comes in a flavor that your dog will love (chicken, beef, etc.).

Give your pup the gift of fresh breath and squeaky-clean teeth with brush-less toothpaste!

Harmful affects of traditional toothpaste fro dogs

Just as with humans, brushing your dog’s teeth is important for maintaining healthy gums and preventing plaque and tartar buildup. However, traditional toothpaste can be toxic to dogs if ingested, so it’s important to use a product specifically designed for them. Brushless toothpastes are safe for dogs to consume and can help keep their teeth clean and their breath fresh. Some brands even add ingredients like glucosamine to help support healthy joints. Ask your vet for a recommendation on the best brushless toothpaste for your dog.

Our recommendations for best brushless tooth paste for dogs

Best PickArk Naturals brushless toothpaste for dogs
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Staff PickOratene Brushless Toothpaste Gel for Dogs and Cats
Check Price
Budget PickGREENIES Grain Free brushless toothpaste
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Dailydose brushless toothpaste
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Petsmile Professional Dog Teeth Brushing Kit
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Ark Naturals brushless toothpaste for dogs

Best Pick

Ark /naturals is on the top of our list with excellent reviews at Amazon. It is easily digestible by all dog breeds including big and small dogs. This dental chew not only removes the paleness from your teeth of your dog but also remove plaque and tartar. As it is a total herbal product so not only it cleans the teeth of the dog but also improves his digestion and your dog will gain weight and become healthy and strong.

Being cinnamon and clove as its main ingredients. its freshens the breadth of your dog and remove all sort of odors. The great thing about this brushless tooth paste is that it is totally free of artificial flavors and colors, which makes it a total risk free choice. It comes in different sizes and the mini brushless toothpaste is ideal for small breed dogs.

One bag has almost 20 chews and one chew a day is enough for your dog. If you are an owner of small breed dog you can click here for same product variety that is suitable for small breeds.

If you are owner of a senior or old dog who feels problem in chewing and his teeth smells bad, than their is a special variant of brushless toothpaste for older dogs which you can buy here.

Oratene Brushless Toothpaste Gel for Dogs and Cats

Staff Pick

This brushless toothpaste is the second best product that gave better results to our review team. It is tested and proven to be free from alcohol and any other detergents that can be harmful for your dog or cat. For this tooth paste usage you have to apply this paste with your finger on the teeth of your dog or cat and that’s it. You don’t need to brush at all and the paste will make the gums of your pet stronger due to herbal ingredients.

This tooth paste is equally good to be used on the teeth of puppies and kittens. The Oratene toothpaste contains two patented enzymes namely (MD2 and LP3). These enzymes help your pet fight against the germs found in pet mouth. You can use it one or twice daily as it has no harmful effects or side effects. After a week you will notice that all bad odor and paleness is gone. You will also feel a pleasant perfume like smell coming from mouth of your dog.

When to use Oratene brushless toothpaste

If you see that your dog has a dry mouth, cracked tongue, inflamed gums and bad smell coming from mouth. It means that you should instantly using this brushless tooth paste.

The LP3 enzyme found in this tooth paste has anti inflammatory effect. It means that if their is any swelling, redness due to any injury or operation , this gel will surely cover it to a major extent.

The MD2 enzyme helps in maintaining the PH level of the mouth of your pet. When the PH level is regulated all sort of germs and harmful bacteria automatically die.

GREENIES Grain Free brushless toothpaste

Budget Pick

GREENIES brushless tooth paste is the final best product chosen by our review team. Its single pack contains 96 chews so it is yet most affordable option as well. Not only that it cleans your dog teeth but it contains many additional minerals and vitamins that improve overall health of your dog.

GREENIES Treats for Dogs are veterinarian recommended and VOHC accepted (Veterinary Oral Health Council) in United States. It means that your can use them without any hesitation for your dog as well as cat. This brushless tooth paste contains dried potatoes which are loved by your dogs. You can give one chew to your dog daily and you will observe that all bad smell from your pet’s mouth is gone.

These are free from artificial flavor and are digested instantly. According to experiments performed they cause 70 percent decrease in tartar buildup in dog teeth. They have innovative design and dogs love to chew it and get their teeth brushed.

If your dog has a sensitive stomach and he don;t eat every thing. You won;t have to worry as this product is free from formaldehyde, bleaches, chemicals, grains and gluten. It is a proud product of United states and you can use it with full trust and confidence.

Dailydose brushless toothpaste

Dental Double means that you get benefit of both tooth brush and tooth paste in one shot. It is made for dogs under 22 pounds. It contains honeybee royal jelly which kills the bacteria in the mouth of your dog and freshens his breadth. These are moist and tasty and has a added taste of fruits your dog love. You can use them during puppy or dog training as well to give treat to your dog when he obeys your commands. It has abrasive texture so while chewing your dog automatically cleans his teeth without any rubbing. A chicken flavor is also added in the brushless tooth paste so dog loves to chew it for longer duration. One chew is enough for complete day.

The active ingredients not only controls bad breadth but also prevent tooth decay and gum diseases.

Petsmile Professional Dog Teeth Brushing Kit

If you are still not convinced to use brushless tooth paste, I would like to suggest one of my favorite dog toothpaste kit i have ever purchased. Sometimes when your dog teeth are too much bad and destroyed due to tartar and plaque, it is mandatory to use brush to some extent.

dog teeth turn yellow mainly because of protein pellicle that is collected on surface of teeth and this tooth paste removes this protein layer.

The reason I prefer this tooth paste is because It is suitable for all ages and breeds of dogs. I never had to worry that the tooth brush is too small or too large.

I highly suggest you to try this at least once.


Our team has tried best to short list the best brush-less tooth pastes suitable for your beloved dog or cat. It will ease your life and you will feel more contented so your pet will have a healthy mouth leading to a healthy pet.

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