Best Cuttlebone Holder For Birds

Best Cuttlebone Holder For Birds

Being a pet lover I have a lot of types of parrots in the garage of my home and all of them love the cuttlebone. Cuttlebone is known to be beneficial for birds because it has high amount of calcium and other mineral salts in it. Birds not only love it but it keeps theirs beaks sharp and strong. A good holder not only keeps the cuttlebone stable while birds are eating it but also prevent creation of mess in the cage due to falling of pieces inside the cage. Other than that a cuttlebone holder also provides a place where birds can sit and eat their favorite cuttlebone. You can small broken pieces of cuttlebone in the water your birds drink and this saltish water will make them more healthy.

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What is a cuttlebone holder?

A cuttlebone holder is a type of device that is used to hold a cuttlebone in place. Cuttlebone holders are typically made out of plastic or metal, and they usually have some type of clip or other mechanism to keep the cuttlebone securely in place. There are many different benefits that come from using a cuttlebone holder.

For starters, it can help to keep your cuttlebone (and consequently your pet reptiles or birds) clean and healthy. When the cuttlebone is allowed to move around freely, it can become dirty and covered in bacteria. This can lead to health problems for your pets if they ingest the contaminated material.

Cuttlebone holders come in different sizes and designs, but they all perform the same basic function: keeping the shell steady so you can get a precise, even cut. A well-made holder will also have a comfortable grip and be easy to maneuver.

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If you think that your birds will fight you can attach multiple cuttlebone holders to the cage walls. These holders are equally good for putting other eatable stuff like carrots for birds. You can also serve cuttlebone to hens and chickens and they will easily eat it without being wasted in soil. This is one of the best benefit of cuttlebone holder as if you put the whole piece in the cage or in front of the pet a large portion of it will be pasted. According to reviews, even after constant use of 1 year, there is no fading of its color. Washing is very easy as it is made up of plastic and looks brand new after cleaning from soap based detergent.

If you are seeing any cracks in the beak of your birds it means that they are missing some necessary mineral sin their diet. In this situations you should surely give them pure cuttlebone obtained from fish.

Our recommendations for best cuttlebone holder for birds

Best PickJW pet cuttlebone holder with perch
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Staff PickLarge Cuttlebone for Birds with holder
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Budget PickPrevue plastic cuttlebone holder
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Flavored cuttlebone with holder
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Hanging Technique

Most of the bird enthusiasts are confused about how to hang cuttlebone holder in the cage. Some people directly make a hole in the cuttlebone and hang it inside the cage using any thread or metallic chain.

But the above technique is not good as this may damage cuttlebone. The best option is to use the cuttlebone holders mentioned below. These holders come with metallic clips that firmly attach themselves with all types of cages.

How much cuttlebone

Another question that may come to your mind is how much cuttlebone is enough for your birds, fishes and turtles. All these three species require calcium but for birds one piece of cuttlebone is enough. While for fishes and turtles I usually prefer crushing the cuttlebone and add it in water twice a day. I would say one

Where to hang

Another question that may come in your mind, is the most appropriate place to hang the cuttlebone holder.

As per our experts point of view, the best place where you can hang the cuttlebone holder is near the perch of birds. Another suitable place could be the near the rope ladder or any climbing ladder inside the cage. The advantage of this would be that the birds will be able to eat cuttlebone during their play time.

JW pet cuttlebone holder with perch

Best Pick

This is one of the most hot selling cuttlebone holder from JW pet company and its colors are bright to delights birds specially parrots. It is specially designed so that when birds eat the cuttlebone it is not spread all across the cage. The installation of the cuttlebone holder is very easy with the help of simple screw.

It fits very easily on all types of cages including metal and plastic made cages. What makes it different from other holders is that it has two barriers. The first barrier keeps the cuttlebone at its place when the birds are eating the cuttlebone. The second barrier is actually the perch where the birds sit and eat the cuttlebone. There is a small pocket underneath the holder that carries small pieces of cuttlebone that fall down when birds are eating cuttlebone.

Another great feature is that the perch can also move up and down so that you can adjust it according to the size of your bird. This feature makes it very easy for the birds to eat the cuttlebone.

The plastic used for making the holder is according to United States standards and totally harmless to birds. Initially the birds may try to chew it as their habit but they won’t do it for long as it is very strong high quality plastic.

Large Cuttlebone for Birds with holder

Staff Pick

This cuttlebone holder will be a treat to the birds as with holder you get two large size cuttlebones free for your birds. The barrier will keep the cuttlebone at its place and the birds will eat it peacefully. There is a plastic perch where the parrots or any birds can sit comfortably and eat the cuttlebone. The package was individually packed and will reach you very safely without the chances of any damage. Installation is very easy through a single screw and due to great design it remains very stable with any sort of cage.

The birds feels very delighted after the installation of this cuttlebone holder and you will also enjoy seeing them playing and eating cuttlebone.

Prevue plastic cuttlebone holder

Budget Pick

This is a very basic cuttlebone holder that holds the cuttlebone very strongly. The best thing about its design is that other than cuttlebone you can put any thing your bird loves to eat like vegetables, fruits, millet or pieces of bread in the holder and it won’t be wasted.

The bird will recognize the holder as his eating place and fly towards it whenever he feels hungry. The holder has got excellent reviews on Amazon due to its durability and high quality durable plastic used. If you are feeling any deformation in the beak of your parrots you should surely give him cuttlebone to eat as it acts like a polish on beaks.

Flavored cuttlebone with holder

It is a pack of six cuttlebones with holder and get attached to the cage very conveniently. You birds will surely love the mango and flavor in the cuttlebones. This cuttlebone has been added with many vitamins that are necessary for birds specially calcium carbonate, oyster shells, omega 3, honey, and vitamin B1 which will enhance the growth of your birdies. A smart clip is include din the package so that you can hang the cuttlebone without even using the screws. If you feel that the birds is too silent and sick you can surely give him this cuttlebone to give him resistance against bird viruses.

As per reviews these last more in terms of duration because they are quite hard but still easy for birds to eat them with their sharp beaks.


Me and my review team has tried our best to choose the best available options for the cuttlebone holder for birds. Do comment below if you like our post.

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