Top three best diapers for puppies

Although the puppies are very adorable but still they are not potty trained and initially for few months they require diapers so they won’t destroy your sofa and beds. We have reviewed all the major brands of puppy diapers and after individual evaluation we had come up with this list for our readers. The diapers we have chosen are suitable for both dog urine and feces.

These dog diapers are equally good for poop as well. If you have a female dog, then these diapers will improve her menstrual hygiene as well. These diapers work on the principal that they initially neutralize and then convert the dog urine and feces into a gel that won’t irritate your pets as well.

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Do puppies need diapers?

It really depends on the puppy and the situation. Some puppies may be fine without a diaper, while others may need one. If you’re potty training your puppy and they have accidents inside, a diaper can help manage the mess and keep your house clean. Other puppies may need a diaper due to medical conditions, like incontinence or Bidet’s disease. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your puppy’s vet to decide whether or not a diaper is necessary. Thanks for the question!

If your dog urine smells very bad, one tip is that you can spread one table spoon of baking soda in the diaper.

One tip I can give you is that you should always measure your dog waist at the narrowest area of his waist. Mostly the puppies have a wait of 12 to 15 inches and than the small size diapers we suggested in this post fits them easily. If you are still confused about how to put on a dog diaper and which size of diaper suits your dog, you must watch this video.

Although the diapers we mentioned here are tested on dogs but they are equally good for cats as well. Now without wasting any further time, we present you our top three diapers for puppies.

Best PickCuteBone Cloth Puppy Diapers
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Staff PickPaw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers
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Budget PickOUT! disposable puppy diapers
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CuteBone Cloth Puppy Diapers

Best Pick

These are top most selling diapers for puppies on Amazon and are made under strict quality control. Another reason for their popularity is the soft cloth that never teases the dogs.

You can get a full refund if it won’t fits your puppy or you had concerns about quality. It also comes in medium and extra large sizes so you can also use these puppy diapers for elderly dogs as well. If your dog is not well potty trained then then these well absorbing diapers are your need.

Specially designed velcro stickers never stick with your pet’s hair and neither they open up automatically. This is one of the best protection for your bed and sofa and gives you a complete peace of mind.

These set of 3 piece diapers are specially made of allergy free cloth that is suitable for female dogs. Other than dog if your dog is suffering from urine diseases like incontinence this will help you cater the situation.

The diapers are made up of stretchable cloth so your dog can even lift his legs or jump.

Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers

Staff Pick
The second best diaper our review team shortlisted for your puppies is from famous brand Paw Inspired. It sis equally good for male and female puppies. These diapers are designed in such a way that it will work irrespective of the tail hole position of your dog.

These diapers are also available in larger sizes and during our tests we saw that even if your dog is suffering diarrhea, they absorb all the liquids.

Another reason we have chosen these diapers for our blog is that the dog hair never stick with the fasteners. Even if you live in a hot summer area, your dog won’t be irritated with these breathable diapers.

The wetness indicator on the front of diapers will inform you about the right time to change diaper. The diapers design ensures the freedom of movement to your puppy.

If you are a frequent traveler, these diapers will save your car or bus seats from dog urine.

OUT! disposable puppy diapers

Budget Pick

The third best diapers, our review team had chosen for your puppy is from famous brand that makes dog products named OUT!. The edges are specially designed so that the urine never leaks from the sides. The patented design of these diapers ensures that there is no hindrance in the movement of your dog.

Our review team ensured that your puppies feel relaxed when wearing diapers instead of being trapped inside.

The fasteners are re-adjustable without losing their stickiness. That means that if you had a naughty dog who moves a lot, you can still make him wear this diapers in multiple attempts.

If you have multiple puppies at home, then this pack of 16 diapers suits you. You puppies can continue moving their tails after wearing these.

We have observed that these diapers work well for 6 to 7 hours and after that you need to change them. If you are annoyed with your dog’s marking behavior, you should try these diapers. The dog will not even get rid of this diapers himself due to strong grip. The diapers are also slightly lavender scented which will decrease the smell of dog pee.


In this short post we had tried our best to showcase the best diapers for your puppies. If you are doing in house training of your dog, then these will give you a sure peace during training period. Some dog breeds have larger tails, but we have shortlisted only those diapers that have adjustable tail holes. That means that our selected will fit most of dog breeds.

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