Best rubber curry comb for grooming your horse in 2021

Being a horse owner I always prefer best grooming products for my horses. Over the years I have tested many curry combs and in this post I will try to showcase best ones for my blog readers.

One thing our review team has made sure that the curry comb’s chosen should have good grip that should not slip again and again during use. We have tested each brushes individually and you would not develop any pain in your wrist after using these brushes for longer duration.

At a Glance:

The rubber curry combs we have chosen here are specially tested on horses. These will be equally good for use on dogs. If you feel annoyed with dog or cat hair spread all across your home you will find huge relief and difference after combing with these brushes. These brushes are also helpful in removing dirt and mud from the body of horses. These curry brushes can not only be used for shedding hair but they can also be used to clean the bristle brushes.

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Our chosen rubber curry combs for horses

DesignPet CareRetailer
Best PickQiK Sports Grooming curry comb for horses
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Budget PickRoma hose grooming rubber curry comb
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Staff PickFacial rubber curry comb for horses
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Oster soft horse curry comb
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Dust removing curry comb
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Why use a rubber curry comb

If you’re looking for a way to help keep your horse’s coat clean and healthy, a rubber curry comb can be a great tool to have in your arsenal. Here are just a few of the benefits that this type of comb can offer:

  1. The curry comb’s strategically-placed bristles can help loosen and remove built-up dirt, debris, and dander from your pet’s coat. This can help reduce shedding and make it easier for you to brush out your pet’s fur.
  2. The gentle massage action of using a curry comb on your pet can also help promote circulation and improve the overall health of their skin and coat.

Third, it can help to loosen and remove any dead hair from their coat. Fourth, it can help to evenly distribute the natural oils in their fur, which gives them a healthy and shiny looking coat. Finally, it is simply a nice way to bond with your pet while giving them some extra pampering!

QiK Sports Grooming curry comb for horses

Best Pick

The best rubber curry comb chosen by our review team is made up of solid rubber. It is ideal for removing dirt and broken shedding hair from your lovely horse. Not only that it is helpful in grooming the horse but it also relaxes the horse and makes him happy. It works great if you want to remove fur from the body of sheep or any other animal.

The curry comb has great design which is very easy to handle and grip. The hard teeth of the comb relaxes the horse. The brush is very easy to clean because of patented specialized design.

Roma hose grooming rubber curry comb

Budget Pick

Roma brand is specially popular for horse grooming products and this horse brush it has excellent reviews on Amazon. This brush goes through the tail and mane very softly. It is also very helpful when you shampoo or oil the horse and it will help the shampoo or oil reach the roots of the horse hair.

It is equally good for grooming large dogs hair. When bathing your horse it will help you to soften his skin and straighten his tail hair. It is perfect for massaging the horse and removing extra hair.

Facial rubber curry comb for horses

Staff Pick

As horses skin on face is sensitive, so this curry comb is specially designed for facial use with extreme soft teeth. If your horse’s mane is dusty and tangled than the sure solution is this comb. Our review department has specially tested it for de-tangling horse mane and removing debris within few minutes.

Classical oval shape is very extremely handy to use and perfect for massage. Even after continuous grooming for an hour your hand won’t get stressed out. Ideal to use when your horse is tired after participating in the race. Just few minutes of combing will please him a lot. As the teeth are super soft so you can confidently use it on saddle area as well as the bridle area. Under the price tag of 10 dollars this curry comb will be a treat for your horse.

Oster soft horse curry comb

The nice thing about this curry comb is its easy to hold grip and it is suitable specially if you are care taker of multiple horses. The grip is so great that it won’t let you tired. The handle is quite innovative designed so that it is suitable for all sorts of hands. Even kids can use it to massage their pets.

You can put the brush under hot water to clean it instantly. Due to soft bristles of the brush you can gently massage your horse. Totally harmless to your horse if his skin has itches or allergies.

Dust removing curry comb

This curry comb will stick to your hand and you can pat your horse and remove dirt from whole of his body. Molded rubber teeth will surely please the horse. If your horse has knots in his hair, these can be removed very quickly without giving any pain to the animal. Special anti microbial plastic help reduce germs and bacteria.

IT is very comfortable to use for longer duration and won’t stress the pet care taker. This brush increases production of oils and thus results in healthier horse coat. You can use it on horse tail in multiple directions and it becomes soft and fluffy. Even if your horse has long or short hair, it works equally good.


Thank you horse lovers for reading my article. I hope my post had helped you in finding the best rubber curry comb for grooming your horse. I would appreciate if you comment below and let me know which curry comb is most loved by your horse.

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