Best ultrasound machine for dogs

Ultrasound machines can help diagnose a number of medical conditions in pets, including heart problems, liver disease, and kidney disease. They can also be used to help guide catheter placement and other procedures.

Pet doctors suggest that you should have an ultrasound of your dog after 20 days of breeding. Ultrasound is a useful imaging technique that can disclose the internal structure of organs, often with amazing clarity.

In this article we will present to you the best ultrasound machine for dogs under the price range of 1000 dollars. As it is a considerably big investment, so our research team made sure that you get best value for your money. You can jump directly to machine reviews from the menu given at the right side f you are already familiar with the topic.

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The most useful transducer configuration for small animal imaging is the sector scan because the narrow part of the image is at the skin surface and the viewed area gets wider with increasing depth in the patient. Recent advances in ultrasound technology in both hardware and software have resulted in the production of superior images and the widespread use of ultrasound.

Ultrasonography provides information about the size, shape, and location of structures; moreover, it also provides information. Ultrasonography is best for distinguishing solid from cavities (fluid-filled) structures and provides internal detail not demonstrated radiographically. Most veterinary ultrasound machines come with gestational age calculation packages inbuilt. Within any one species, however, results are not universally accurate across all breeds. There can be huge breed variation, with some species (e.g. goats) and some breeds (e.g. Chihuahuas) suffering more than others.

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Benefits of ultrasound machine for pets

There are a few reasons why an ultrasound machine may be necessary for pets. One reason is to help diagnose medical conditions. For example, an ultrasound machine may be used to help identify tumors or other abnormalities in the body. Another reason is to help guide medical procedures. For example, if a pet needs surgery, an ultrasound machine may be used to help guide the surgeon in where they should make their cuts. Lastly, ultrasounds can also be used as a form of therapy. For example, they can be used to relieve swelling or pain.

Some benefits of using ultrasound machines on pets include:

  1. Increased blood circulation – which helps to improve pet’s overall health and vitality
  2. Reduction of inflammation and swelling – often caused by injuries or surgery
  3. Helps reduce pain and promote healing – due to the release of endorphins triggered by the ultrasound waves
  4. Assists with regaining mobility in stiff joints – common in older pets
  5. Speeds up the elimination of toxins from the body – due to increased blood circulation

Our recommendations for best ultrasound machine for Dogs

Staff PickValue store portable dog ultrasound scanner
Check Price
Budget PickCARESHINE Veterinary WristScan Ultrasound Scanner
Check Price
Best PickCONTEC veterinary B-Ultrasound scanner
Check Price
Carejoy veterinary ultrasound scanner
Check Price
BZZBZZ Portable veterinary ultrasound machine
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Value store portable dog ultrasound scanner

Staff Pick
Display5.5” multicolor
Depthfrom 65 to 190 mm
Scan angle78 degree

Now you don’t have to take your pet to the veterinary doctor just for ultrasound scanning. You can scan your pet with the help of value store ultrasound equipment. You can scan animals, like pigs, dogs, sheep, and cats, at home. Its rechargeable Li-ion battery makes it portable and silicone case with belts makes it convenient to carry.

Most of the time, scanners fall down during scanning due to unexpected moves while examining. But its belt helps to minimize the danger of falling off the scanner and unexpected damage to the equipment. With the help of AV port option, you can view real-time images on your TV or monitor of up to 42 inches or you can connect it with video printer as well, or you can view scanning results with 5.5” multi color display.

It can store up to 128 images in built in memory storage. You can adjust frequency (2.5/3.5/5.0 MHz) according to your requirements with the help of multi frequency convex probe. For Cattle, Horse, Camel, Equine and Cow you need a Rectal Probe not a Convex Probe and for dog pregnancy test you should wait between 25 to 34 days (depending on dog size) before you can count the puppies.

You can measure distance, area, volume and heart rate up to 65 to 190mm depth with scanning angle of 78 degrees and 256 gray levels.It is pretty easy to use and you just have to learn what things actually look like in ultrasound. For the price point of view, this is a great little scanner. Based on the size and portability of the unit it works great to scan for pregnancies in the field or without handling equipment or a chute.

Portability and size is great and adjustable neck strap keep your hands free and saves it from being damaged by a jumpy animal. Unit is simple in design and use, so you don’t need to learn a lot to operate it. Transducer wand is small enough to get into tight places. Rubber case protects unit from accidental bumps. It comes with a hard plastic carrying case to store the unit, cord and transducer. One time Charge holds up to and gives you a cord free use for a fairly long time.

Other than dogs its also perfect for checking pregnancy of pigs and sheep.It is very portable due to rechargeable battery. It comes with a nice belt and casing which makes it easy to carry on shoulder.

CARESHINE Veterinary WristScan Ultrasound Scanner

Budget Pick
careshine ultrasound dog machine
Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Warranty3 months

In past, most of the animals were at increased risk of complications during delivery. It is very important to be able to predict the estimated due date. Sonography has become an essential imaging modality in the field of veterinary medicine and is increasing in popularity since it has smaller size, high level of autonomy, high image quality and accessible prices. The most useful function of any ultrasound scanner would be its size and portability.

Careshine ultrasound scanner fulfill all the basic functions of a useful and handy scanner. It is small in size, but gigantic in functionality and features. You can make earlier, quicker and more precise identification at the point of animal pregnancy at any stage. Its compact size helps you to use whether in veterinary hospital or at home.

This is small in size, light weight and it is handheld. It comes with shoulder and wrist belts and free hands rubber protector around the scanner, which helps to save it from dust. It is powered by rechargeable battery, which can easily be removed.You can use it by battery or AC power.

CONTEC veterinary B-Ultrasound scanner

Best Pick

It’s always a challenging job to take your animals to a vet for examination, or call the vet to visit you, that may cost you more. All the breeders and farm owners must keep their own ultrasound equipment to save time and money. Contec solved this problem and brought an awesome laptop notebook veterinary B-ultrasound diagnostic system with a 10.1 inch LCD display. It is perfect for large animals like horses, goats, cows, and pigs. It has a multi-frequency convex probe.

The center frequency is 3.5MHZ, mainly applied to examine the animals. It has a simple and easy image management function. The reports can be printed easily with a video printer, inkjet printer, laser printer interface.

It is perfect for small animals as well, like cats, dogs. It has four display modes, display depth is 240mm and the results can be stored in the built-in memory. You can also update its software through U-disk. One-time full charge to rechargeable Li-ion battery gives you long-lasting using and standby timings. It is simple and user-friendly, you don’t need to get specialized training to operate this. You will love its image quality and its dynamic range. Its flexible position adjustments and focus are outstanding.

It can be connected with printer. IT has builtin memory for storing images. It works perfectly for dog pregnancy check.

Carejoy veterinary ultrasound scanner

Detect Depth(mm)≥140
Probe3.5MHz Mechanical Sector Probe
Battery capacity2200mAh.

Time is money, if you save time, you save money. It is imperative for every breeder and animal farm owner to keep ready-to-use emergency kits for their animals. If you are willing to make an earlier, faster, and more accurate examination of your animal at the point of pregnancy or at any time and anywhere, Carejoy Store Veterinary WristScan Ultrasound Scanner helps you to scan your animal at hospital or outdoor. Its handheld function makes it more user-friendly and increases its functionality by a handheld system.

It is small in size but it’s massive in functionality and features. It has both a battery and AC power lanyard system. Its Li-ion rechargeable 2200 MAH battery stores energy for a longer period of time and gives you long-lasting standby and usage timing.

It is very lightweight and compact. Its shoulder and wrist belts help you to work while your hands are free and it saves the scanner from falling off during use. The scanner has a water and dust-proof rubber protector.

It is very easy to use for animals like horses, cows, pigs, and other large animals. You can adjust scan depth levels (8 adjustable levels) 120 to 190mm up to 140 mm depth. You can get 4 display modes (image grayscale 256) and 3.5 MHZ mechanical sector probe. It has 13W mainframe power consumption at non-charging and 25W at charging and the adapter power consumption is 45W. If you want to save time and money, it’s the best decision to bring this handy ultrasound scanner.

BZZBZZ Portable veterinary ultrasound machine

Item Weight3.3 pounds
Maximum display depth:270mm
Display5.6 inch LED

When you require more clear display, stable, high resolution images and accurate results in just 3 minutes of time, BZZBZZ portable veterinary ultrasound machine gives you all. Its 5.6 inch led clear display, gives you more stable and high resolution images and more accurate results.

It gives 16 kinds of high-definition pseudo-color images, with an image rotation function. The image can be flipped up and down and you get Results in 3 minutes and it accurately measures the expected date of delivery. You can store thousands of images in built-in 8GB storage.

The side interface can be used for the U disk for the software updating and image transfer. It is very easy to operate and you can make an earlier, faster, and more accurate diagnosis when the animal is pregnant anytime, anywhere. It is mainly used for pigs and sheep and it is the best choice for animal breeding bases and pet hospitals. A large capacity 18650 lithium battery works for 5 hours continuously.

You can get 5 display modes (B, M, BM, B+B, 4B). Mostly in the winter season, scanners take time to warm up but in this scanner, one key warm-up function saves time and eliminates probe freezing.

You can get 16 level magnification adjustment and 270mm maximum display depth and you can easily measure distance, circumference, area, volume, angle, heart measurement, lean meat rate.

You can find more than 18 types of body positioning marks. The most unique function of this scanner is the Obstetric measurement of 8 kinds of animals (the number of days of pregnancy and the date of birth can be measured), with the function of setting the gestational week and the gestational cycle of the animal can be modified. USB interface helps you to connect it with the printer and get a more clear display. In recent times, this scanner is the most advance in functions and accuracy.


Not only that we have selected the best and top rated dog ultrasound machines with the most positive reviews but we also tested them individually for results. I would be thankful if you comment below and let me know about your experience with these devices.

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