Cats News updates up to Feb 2022

A male cat was lost on 15/02/2022 in An Tor Aonarach, Ulster province, Ireland on 15 Feb 2022. She is under 3 years of age and her color is cream. Owner name is Egija Andriekiene and her contact number is 087 6760386. The person who finds the cat will also receive a gift as well.

Happy Birthday to Cat Silly

Cat Silly birthday was celebrated as she turned 16 on 13 March 2022. The birthday was announced on twitter by BeezerCats who owned 6 more cats as well.

Archie cat lost and owner in depression

Linda a lady who is popular on twitter for beautiful cat pictures is very sad these days as she lost her beloved cat. People are praying that her cat returns home early. A lady Kary advised her great tips to find her lost cat.

One of the tips given to her to find her lost cart is to walk the area calling his name.
Another suggestion is to put his litter box outside so the cat or dog returns by recognizing the smell of her litter box.
Ask neighbors if they have seen him. Sometimes some people won’t tell others but speak up when asked.

Another person told her that she should have a GPS collar so it would be easy to find her. Another suggestion was to use flashlight, which will help frightened cat get out of her hideout.

Another advice she received was to call the animal activists and lovers in your area. They are aware of any cats or pets found in a specific locality.

A lady named Krishna advised to put posters in the local area as some kind heart person may spot the pet and finds a way to return to the owner.
Another lady told that cats feel safe at night, so it is better to go out find a missing cat in dark using flashlights. The reason is that the frightened cat will come out of the place she was hiding at night.

Kristin told Linda that sometimes cats become angry and run away from their home but they always stay close to their home so it is a good idea to spy on your neighbors and think of the one who can actually try to steal your cat.

The Lap Cat Rescue

The above mentioned organization is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of cats/kittens. The organization is asking for donations for 3 baby kittens. Until today means 13 March 2022 up to 400 dollars have been donated. According to official statement by Page

“lsa and her two little 9-day-old baby kittens were surrendered to us and will be fully taken care of until they are ready for their forever homes! Any amount of donations are always appreciated as getting 3 animals fixed, micro chipped and UTD on shots is not a cheap venture”