How long a rabbit can stay in his cage?

A rabbit can stay in his cage for as long as he likes unless his owner decides to let him out. If the rabbit is comfortable in his cage and has enough food and water, there is no need to let him out. However, if the owner wants the rabbit to exercise, they should let the rabbit out of his cage for at least a few hours every day.

If you want your bunny to spend most of his time in the cage the first things you’ll need to decide is what kind of housing to get for your new pet. While there are many different types of cages and hutches available, not all of them are equally good for rabbits. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the better cages where your rabbits can comfortably spend their day and night time.

What to look for rabbit home

It can be hard to find the best indoor rabbit cage for 2 or 3 rabbits. But as a pet lover, my advice is to always buy rabbits in pairs, as a single rabbit will soon become depressed. Also if you have a busy routine and you want all the rabbits to spend most of their time in their cage then you should buy a larger cage.

When it comes to finding the perfect home for your furry friend, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, the cage should be large enough for the rabbit to move around comfortably. There should also be plenty of space for a litter box, food and water dishes, and toys.

Secondly, the cage should be made of durable materials that can withstand chewing and digging. The wire mesh should also be small enough to prevent your rabbit from escaping. Finally, you’ll want to choose a cage that is easy to clean. A removable bottom tray can make cleaning up messes a breeze. With these factors in mind, you’ll be sure to find the perfect cage for your new pet rabbit. 

You won’t have to worry a lot as our review team looked at all these factors and shortlisted some of the best available options for the home of your rabbits.

Where do rabbits live?

There are lots of different places where rabbits can live, depending on the climate and the terrain. Some rabbits live in forests, while others live in deserts or grasslands. They can also be found in urban areas, living in parks, gardens, or even on people’s property. 

But as a pet, they are very human-friendly and don’t miss their natural habitat, provided you give them proper food.

What do rabbits eat?

There are a variety of different types of rabbits, and they all have different diets. Some of the most common things that rabbits eat include hay, fresh vegetables, and pellets. It’s important to make sure that your rabbit has a healthy diet so that it can stay healthy and happy.

What do rabbits like? 

There are a variety of things that rabbits like, which can differ slightly depending on the individual rabbit. In general, however, rabbits enjoy activities such as playing, digging, and exploring, so anything that encourages these behaviors is likely to be popular with rabbits. Rabbits also have a strong food drive, so treats and other forms of positive reinforcement are often very effective in getting them to do what they want.

Why should I buy a rabbit cage with casters?

There are a few benefits of casters in a cage. First, they make it easier to move the cage around, which can be helpful if you need to clean or rearrange the room. They also help to create a more comfortable environment for your rabbit, as it allows them to move around more freely. Lastly, they can also help to prevent injuries caused by falls.

Can I keep rabbits indoors?

Of course! Yes,  Millions of rabbits are kept as indoor pets every day. In fact, rabbits are particularly well-suited to living indoors because they are relatively quiet, low-maintenance animals that can be easily litter box trained.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about keeping a rabbit as an indoor pet, however. First, rabbits need plenty of exercises, so you’ll need to provide your bunny with a spacious backyard or room to play in (preferably outfitted with some rabbit-safe toys and obstacles) in their cage.

 Second, rabbits have sensitive digestive systems and require a diet high in fiber and low in sugar; pellets formulated specifically for rabbits are available at most pet stores

Why have a multi-tier rabbit cage?

There are many benefits of multi-tier cages for rabbits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Rabbits in multi-tier cages have more space to move around, which helps keep them healthy and happy.
  • The different levels in a multi-tier cage allow for different activities, such as nesting, perching, and climbing, which keep the animals entertained.
  • The multiple levels also make it easier to clean the cage, as any waste or debris can be easily swept or hosed off the tiers.
  • Multi-tier cages are a great way to house multiple rabbits in one space, which saves both space and money.

You’ll want to look for a multi-tier cage that is at least 18 inches by 24 inches, with plenty of height for your bunny to hop around. The wire spacing should be no more than 1/2 inch to avoid injury, and the floor should be solid or have a tight-fitting mesh so your rabbit’s feet don’t get caught. There should also be a water bottle and food bowl inside the cage.

As far as material, wire is the best option since it’s easy to clean and keeps rabbits from chewing on it. However, you will want to make sure there are no sharp edges in your multi-tier cage, that could hurt your bunny. If you go with plastic, choose something that is smooth and doesn’t have any small gaps that can hurt your bunny feet.

Our chosen rabbit cages

Amazon Basics 3-tier rabbit cage

we tested this cager and found that a rabbit can easily spend 24 hours in it happily. After every 24 hours, you can get them outside for just 5 to 10 minutes, and then they will be happy to get back in their multi-tier home.

This cage can accommodate three rabbits very easily and rabbits can also enjoy their separate space and privacy. You will receive the rabbit cage from Amazon in an unassembled way and with the help of video you can assemble it very easily.

This Amazon Basics 3-Tier Large Kennel is perfect for rabbits, as it provides them with plenty of space to relax or play. The cage is made from strong steel wire and has a rust-resistant coating, while the plastic ground pan is leak-proof and can be easily removed for cleaning.

The fold-down style makes transport or storage easy, and there are three shelves that offer perpendicular areas for your rabbit to relax or play on. There are also two doors that open wide for easy access, and each door has a secure fastening system. This cage is spacious, has plenty of room to play, and is made with safety in mind.

Sometimes rabbits become aggressive mostly because they are not happy in their new home or with other bunnies that share their space. In this case, this cage is quite a suitable choice as the rabbit can enjoy privacy and live alone.

The wheels underneath the cage allow easy movement of the cage in any room you want. This means that your rabbits will never feel lonely. The wheels are lockable which ensures that your rabbits or other pets will be safe from any sort of accident.

The measurement of this cage is 35.8 x 22.4 x 50.6 inches and it weighs 37.4 pounds and has 1.75 bar spacing. This large cage is suitable to be placed in a backyard or a bigger room.

VIVOHOME 4-Tier collapsible rabbit home

The VIVOHOME rabbit cage is a 4-tier collapsible metal ferret/rabbit cage with a jumping stand and ladders connected jointly. The whole product can be assembled easily within 10 minutes, which makes it an ideal choice for you to buy if you are planning to move house or have limited space. Due to plenty of space and playing activities, your rabbits can stay here for more than 2 days provided they have enough food.

 The rabbit house is designed with two large spaces on each level, providing more constructive interaction with your pets. This also means that your rabbits enjoy personal space and they have a lot of room to play as well. 

 It also comes with a lovely bed and soft cloth material woven from wool, providing a comfortable place for rabbits to play and sleep.

Wheels are lockable so you can take your rabbits wherever you want. Another attraction of the rabbit house is a set of two ladders which is a lot of fun for your rabbits to climb. The ladders will also keep them active throughout the day. 

We ordered this cage on 5th January 2022 and received it within 2 days in Alaska. Our review team hardly took  5 minutes to assemble this cage. After the assembly, the cage is quite stable and won’t make any noises as it is transferred from one room to another. We kept the rabbits in the room for a few days and observed that they were quite playful and in a jolly mood.

Yaheetech 3-tier Metal Wire rabbit cage

Your bunny will love having its own place to play with this Yaheetech Collapsible Large 3-Tier Metal Wire Cage. It is made of high-quality metal and wire, this cage is sturdy and durable, perfect for keeping your furry friend safe and entertained. The three tiers provide plenty of space for your bunny to explore, and the two large front doors make it easy to access and care for them. The slide-out plastic tray makes cleaning a breeze, and the included metal net structure offers added security.

 Plus, the included water bottle and food bowl ensure that your rabbits have everything they need. Give your rabbits the home they deserve with the Yaheetech Collapsible Large 3-Tier Metal Wire Cage!

Our review team ordered this cage in mid of March 2022, and we received it within four days in secure packing. Our review team was surprised that the rabbits played a lot with hammocks, which is a delightful scene.

Two to four rabbits can easily share this cage and it’s suitable for their breeding as well.


To conclude, the time a rabbit can spend in his cage depends on the size of the rabbit’s cage. A small rabbit can typically live in a cage that is 24 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 12 inches high. A large rabbit can typically live in a cage that is 36 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 18 inches high.
According to the House Rabbit Society, a rabbit can live up to 10 years when housed indoors and allowed to roam free for at least six hours a day. But this time is reduced when you give him a multi-tier house as mentioned above.

Although we mentioned that these 3 tier cages are for rabbits but they are equally good for ferrets and cats. Our review team had gone through thousands of reviews and after that, we ordered a lot of cages until we came up with this list. I hope you get a great home for your bunny.

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