Why does my dog no longer like to walk at night?

Dogs should only be walked during daylight hours because most are accustomed to daylight, but there are other benefits that come with walking in the daytime. Research done at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Ohio State University has established that night time is a critical time for many animals- their natural instincts kick in with decreased levels of light and they often won’t wander off or stray from their territory.

However, if you already know your dog will stay close by your side no matter what, then it might not be an issue to walk them at night. Some people even find themselves with better visibility when walking their dog under street lamps. But if you’re worried about accidents on wet surfaces after rainfall or just want to minimize any smelly surprises along the

Actually real problem is that when you take your dog out for a walk at night, it’s hard to see them. An dog become angry when they don’t get the necessary attention.
As a dog parent you want your pet to be safe, but if they get lost or run away in the dark, you’ll never find them.

Solution: The glowing dog collar uses LED lights that are visible up to 350 yards away so cars and people can easily spot your pet even on the darkest of nights! It has three modes (on/off/blink) and comes with an adjustable nylon strap for easy fitting. Plus it runs over 8 hours off of one charge! This is the best way to light up your furry friend when walking at night or camping during those long summer days!

The LED glowing dog collar is made of high quality material, sturdy and durable. It can be used for small medium large dogs. The collar has a USB rechargeable battery with charging cable included, it is easy to charge the battery via computer or power adapter (not included). The light will automatically turn on when your dog moves and turns off 15 minutes after your dog stops moving.
This second LED Dog Collar is perfect for night safety, walking in the dark or finding your pet in low-light conditions. It’s also great for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting

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