Guide for buying nesting pads for chickens

Do you want to make your chicken coop more comfortable and hygienic?

Nesting pads will help keep the inside of your coop clean and dry. Nesting pads are 100% machine washable and reusable. You can also use them as a nest or a litter box liner.. They keep the coops free from dirt and debris and make it easier to clean them. The nesting pads also help protect the chicken wire from being damaged.

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  1. Backyard Barnyard aspen nesting pads
  2. MagJo hen nesting pads
  3. Roosty chicken washable plastic nesting pads
  4. Artificial grass nesting pads
  5. Cackle Hatchery laying hen pads

These nesting pads are not good for hens but also suitable for hamster, cats, kittens, puppies, bunny, rat, chinchilla, guinea pig, and other small animals.

The smell in the hen coops had been a major problem for hen owners. This problem has been resolved by a large factor due to washable, breathable nesting pads. However is this post we will share best washable and traditional hay nesting pads with our users.

Why do you need nesting pads?

Hens keep their nests clean, but it’s not easy to clean the nesting boxes. In order to keep nesting boxes clean nesting pads are made. These pads are designed for easy cleaning, breathable, and waterproof with a no smell design.

Simply collect the intact eggs, shake the nest box pads off to remove debris and replace them in the hen nesting boxes. For deep cleaning hose down or use our special deep cleaning spray for a quick clean up.

Chicken nesting pads are a great way to protect your floors and keep your chickens safe. They are also a great way to keep your chicken coop clean. 

Chicken nesting pads come in different sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your chicken coop. They are made from rubber, plastic, or felt and are easy to clean. You can also use them to protect other objects from being damaged by your chickens.

Some people use pine or straw as a bed for chickens, but the problem is that the hens keep pulling straw out of nest box with their beaks but this doesn’t happen with nesting pads.

More eggs laid by hens

For chickens, the outdoors is a wistful place. They can’t fly, they can’t stay dry, and they can’t prevent predators from coming after them. Even though the chickens are imprisoned indoors, they miss the green, grassy fields and trees. They can only imagine what life would be like if they were in the natural world. To help them imagine what the outdoors is like, it’s a good idea to put them somewhere near the outdoors. Nests can be a chicken’s idea of a simplified version of the natural world. They are a chicken’s version of a backyard or farm. Instead of green grass and trees, chickens can make do with nesting pads, which are often made from straw. These nest-like pads mimic the feeling of being close to the earth and plants. If you have good nesting pads, hens will remain happy and lay more eggs.

Our review team has tested various nesting pads and here we will present to our readers only those that gave the best results. We tested Bantam breed of chickens and roosters as well. We also tested different pads on our own Layer breed. Our review team observed the behavior of hens and then we brought you the best products.

Usage/Benefits of Nesting pads

Nest pads can be used by chickens to lay eggs, nest, and lay their feathers. They can be used as chicken houses and chicken coops. The general purpose of a nest pad is to give chickens somewhere to lay eggs, nest, and lay their feathers. But, if you have chickens, you might also have eggs to hatch. As such, you’ll need a nesting pad that is large enough to accommodate the number of eggs you have, so you’ll need to check the size of the nesting pad before you buy it. 

Nest pads come in various sizes and designs. If you have a larger coop you can measure its dimensions so that you can buy an appropriate nesting pad.

You can also use these nesting pads as a bedding or litter as all these pads come in group of 6 to 8 pads. You can always join them to make a nesting bed or litter.

If you feel that there are mites in your hens or there are growing number of poultry lice. Before going to the insecticides the first thing a veterinarian would suggest you is to make chicken poops neat and clean by adding new nesting pads that absorb all the dampness.

How nesting pads improve the chicken poops

Chicken coops are wonderful places, but not the most comfortable homes. They tend to be small, dark, and crowded. Even though we love our chickens and their friends, it’s not the most comfortable home for them. To make sure our chickens have the best possible living space, we need to give them a place to nest and lay their eggs.

Chicken nesting pads are small, artificial nesting pads that chickens use to lay their eggs. These nesting boxes are usually placed in the coop, by the hens. They help the hens feel more secure and they protect the eggs from predators and bad weather. 

If you are planning to add a chicken coop, but aren’t sure how to design it, read on. We’ll show you how to build a chicken coop that’s not only safe and secure for your chickens, but also comfortable and appealing to keep your chickens as happy as possible.

Types of nesting pads

Nesting pads are mostly made from shredded aspen wood which is also called wood wool because of its softness. Other than that the pads made up of plastic and artificial grass are also gaining popularity.

Backyard Barnyard aspen nesting pads

These nesting pads are a pure United States product. These are very good insulators and our review team observed that the hens remain comfortable and lay more eggs on them. As they absorb all the moisture so the eggs remain clean and fresh. These are made up of shredded aspen wood which is most suitable for hen comfort pads because of their low density and soft texture. These come in a pack of 12 pads and our review team found that one pad can easily last for one week.

Regarding delivery we were amazed with the same day delivery. Meaning that we ordered the product on first week of March 2022 and surprisingly we received it on the same afternoon. The package also contains a card saying Thank you for shopping and a telephone no for queries and guidance.

MagJo hen nesting pads

These nesting pads are also Amazon Choice for the year 2022. Our review team ordered them in February 2022 and we received the order just after one day. The packing was excellent and the quality of the nesting pads was also great.

The great thing about each aspen nesting pad is that a paper sheet is attached to its bottom that prevents small pieces of shredded wood from falling and this keeps the coop clean. The size of each pad is 13″ X 13″ which is suitable for most coops.

Also our review team observed that there are special patterns on the MagJo nesting pads that prevent rolling of chicken or any other eggs. This feature helps in breakage or cracks on eggs.

Roosty chicken washable plastic nesting pads

Many people consider these pads better than hay, straw, or grass bedding. With the size of 12*13 inches, they fit most the chicken coops. As these are washable so you can reuse them multiple times. These are specially designed to prevent the slipping of eggs. This means that there would be no wastage of eggs due to cracks or slips.

Our review team told us that it took three days after the order is placed and the package was delivered. Initially, the hens resisted these nesting pads as they were used to those made up of hay or shredded wood. But after a few hours they become comfortable and the next day they also started laying eggs as well.

Another thing that our review team appreciated is the fact that these plastic nesting pads have a very nice air flow. This keeps hens fresh specifically in summers and also prevent spreading of diseases.

If your hens are not accustomed with this plastic padding you can throw some pine shavings over them and the issue will be resolved.

Artificial grass nesting pads

Artificial pet grass is growing popularity among the hen shed owners. The reason is that the urine and water automatically flows through the grass nesting pads and they are easy to clean. This artificial grass is specifically made for hens and is kept quite soft and looks like real grass. Hens like the color of grass and consider it just like real grass and confidently lays eggs in it.

Our review team compared and tested these nesting pads on real hens. Hens quickly adapted with the pads.Secondly the review team also praised the fact that they just shake the grass and all the dirt and hen poo leaves the nesting pad and it becomes clean as new.

Although this is artificial grass but I have noticed that it keeps that temperature of chicken nest quite warm. This persuades them to stay happy and lay more eggs.

Cackle Hatchery laying hen pads

This laying hen pads are a proud product of United States and is properly tested according to veterinary safety standards. the high quality pads totally absorb the moisture and safe the chickens from cold related diseases and moisture as well.

Our test team observed that the package was delivered to our address within a day and packing was also up to the mark.

Previously few of the hens were not laying eggs but after we installed the pads by Cackle hatchery the results were different. The hens which were not laying eggs and avoid going in their nest, they changed their behavior and started laying eggs.

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