PetHonesty Hemp Calming Treats Review


I am a dog lover and I had always had three to four dogs at my home at the same time. For various obvious reasons I seldom come across situation when my dogs become angry or stressed. On this Black Friday sale I ordered PetHonesty Hemp Calming Treats from Amazon and I was amazed that i received the parcel just after one day of placing the order.

The package was well packed and totally sealed. Treats were totally fresh made and they had an expiry written over them which states that I can feed them to my dogs within two years of manufacturing.

The previous brand chews had tried placed a bad impact of my dogs and they started vomiting. However PetHonesty chews were easily digestible for all my dogs..

Your dog is always barking and you’re tired of it. You are calling for your dog and she is ignoring you. You’ve tried using treats to calm him down, but they never work for you! This situation I have faced a lot of times and PetHonesty treats are the best that work in this situation.

One of my favorite dog was Ken, and whenever I was leaving for my job, I noticed that Ken was always pulling my pants and won’t let me go. Not only that, but he also barks continuously which was also annoying for my neighbors.

I tried giving him PetHonesty Hemp Calming Treats while I was about to leave and I was glad that he changed his attitude within two or three days. I would actually call these treats a miracle.

One of my German Shepherd was very angry and hyper especially whenever I try to take him to dog competitions in a crate. Later on I decided to give him PetHonesty treats and from that day he is behaving extraordinarily.


Imagine a treat that can help your dog relax from anxiety and stress. These treats are made with hemp oil which contains omega 3 fatty acids that will help reduce the amount of cortisol in your pet’s body.

PetHonesty Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs are tasty chews that will give your pet relief from anxiety, motion sickness, tension caused by changes in daily routine or behavioral issues such as aggression, barking and hyperactivity. Made with hemp oil containing Omega 3 fatty acids to reduce the amount of cortisol in your pet’s body.

Dogs can get anxious just like people, and sometimes need a gentle calm down. PetHonesty organic hemp calming treats for dogs are here to help! Formulated with natural ingredients like chamomile and lavender, these treats are safe for your pup and easy to give. Just break off a small piece and put it in their mouth- the delicious honey taste will take the edge off any stress. Plus, the hemp oil in these treats has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe an upset stomach or sore joints.


These supplement chews are made with natural hemp oil, which helps to calm and relax your pup within 30-60 minutes. They’re also a healthy treat that your dog will love, providing them with all the benefits of hemp oil!

They’re perfect for stressful events like trips to the vet or fireworks displays, or anytime your pup could use a little peace and quiet. Plus, they’re made with natural ingredients and are safe for canine consumption. Give your anxious dog the relief he deserves with PetHonesty Hemp Calming Treats!

These all-natural chews are specially formulated to help dogs maintain a normal, relaxed disposition. Hemp is known for its calming properties, and these treats contain high levels of CBD oil to help your furry friend relax and feel at ease. Whether you’re dealing with a anxious pup or one that’s just prone to stress, these treats can help make life a little easier.

Made with premium natural ingredients, these treats are perfect for dogs of all ages. Plus, they’re sugar-free, wheat-free, corn-free, and GMO-free. So you can trust that your pup is getting the best possible treat. And because they’re preserved with natural preservatives, you can be sure they’ll stay fresh. Get your hands on a bag today and see the difference hemp makes!

Introducing PetHonesty Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs – a delicious natural supplement that helps keep your furry friend calm and relaxed. These soft chews come in a variety of flavors, so your dog will love them as much as you love knowing they’re helping to ease tension and anxiety.

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