Puppia Dog harness review (Good or bad)

Hi folks, this is Amanda, your blog host and this time I am writing a review post about Puppia dog harness. If you know some thing about me, you might know that I own three dogs. Whenever i go for my evening walk, one or two of my dogs are always with me. A nice and comfortable dog harness is a must have for me so that I can walk at a brisk speed.

My dogs are just like my babies and I never settler for lesser value thing for them. And after I have used Puppia brand stuff, I now try to find this brand harness at every cost. So if you can trust me and take my words and try Puppia harness once and you will surely buy again.

If you click on image below you will be taken directly to Puppia harness that is also declared Amazon Choice, for excellent user feedback.

Although I am an Amazon affiliate, but I feel it my commitment to suggest only those products that give real value for your money.

Easy to wear

You can watch in the video below, that it hardly takes a minute in which you can make your dog wear the harness.

What I like for in a dog harness

For the last ten years I have been trying various brands of harnesses to keep me and my dogs comfortable.

For me, a good dog harness should be comfortable, long enough to allow for natural free movement of the dog’s torso and limbs without restricting his ability to walk. It should also be washable, as we all know life happens and accidents happen. Its quite hard to save dog harness from dog poop or pee some times. Finally it should help calm a nervous or hyperactive canine without using medication. I think Puppia dog harness has all these qualities.

Color variety

The Puppia Dog Harness is perfect for any urban explorer. They come in 24 colors and are machine washable, which makes them easy to take care of! The adjustable chest belt let’s you control your pup as you walk, making things easier on both of y’all.

Innovative design

The thing I like the most about Puppia harness is its great design which makes it easier to put on and off without a quarrel with the dog. Moreover if your dog is a leash puller, and drags you a lot, don’t, worry at all, as he will not get out of it, at any cost.

All weather breathable harness

This breathable polyester harness is not just effective in control, but also makes sure that your pup’s individual needs are met!. Made up of 24 different colors and equipped with adjustable chest belt and quick-release buckle, this product is going to be a long term companion for both you and your furry friend.

Being made up of washable polyester, your dog won’t be irritated in summers.

Train your dog not to pull

If your dog pulls you a lot during the walks, this harness will help him learn some good behavior. If you have a puppy who has no idea to walk with just lead, in few days this harness will train him.

How to check the size of Puppia harness

Puppia dog harness comes in six different sizes and you just need to measure the neck and breast girth of your dog or cat and then order the harness accordingly.

Sometimes dog gain weight as they grow older. With puppia dog harness you will never require a new harness. Puppia has got an adjustable chest belt and easy-release buckle means this harness is comfortable for any size dog so they remain comfortable and their neck is also not tighter.

Equally good for larger breeds

As mentioned above Puppia harness has a different size according to dog breed and size. Her is a table to show leash size for various bigger and smaller dog breeds.

Labrador (more than 60 lbs)XXL
Siberian Husky (more than 35 lbs) and Shar Pei (29.4 lbs)XL
American Cocker and PuggleL
Maltese, Schnauzer and Boston TerrierM
Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Shih TzuS or XS

An affordable option

If you have lot of pets, its quite important that every thing you buy for them should be durable but reasonably priced as well. As mentioned above that the Puppia harness is of two main types and each of them fall under the price tag of 15 dollars.

Better control over pet

As compared to a dog collar, Puppia harness given you quite much control over the dog or cat. Additional if you walk or jog in a crowded street or market, the harness makes you much more control over your dog. You can quickly stop your pet from running after eatables or even other pets they like or dislike.

Is Puppia harness also good for cats

Although mostly advertised as a dog harness, but it is equally good for cats. The extra small mostly fit kittens, while small size is mostly good for medium size cats. You must always use the size chart given above before you order.

Matching Puppia lead

Although you can attach any lead with the harness, but matching color Puppia lead looks perfect. The lead is available in different sizes according to your dog size. You can order it here.

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