How long can a baby bird go without food?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow long can a baby bird go without food?
Saira Khan Staff asked 5 months ago

I love parrots and many a times they are breeding. Also many a times i forget to feed them, can you please tell me how long can a baby bird go without food?

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John Sweat Staff answered 5 months ago

Parrot’s baby can survive without food for almost 36 hours. 
However you should always give food to birds on proper time. When is the best time to feed your bird? The best time for feeding is just after the sun goes down. Birds need all the energy they can get before they sleep at night, so they need food during the middle of the day when they are most active. If you are feeding your bird on a tree branch, put some bird seed in the bird’s cage before you put him in his cage. This way he will have something to eat before he plunks down on the branch to rest.

sonia queen Staff answered 5 months ago

John, Its a very interesting point you told us but I would like to add to it . When you’re feeding your bird, pay attention to how the bird responds. If the bird seems uninterested, try to feed a different food item to see if he’ll change his mind. Also, if your bird becomes lethargic or doesn’t eat at all, don’t worry too much about it. Some birds will just naturally not eat, but some others don’t have the self-preservation instincts that help them make sure they get what they need. As long as they can get the food they need, there should be no problem.

sonia queen Staff answered 5 months ago

Once I had to go abroad and my African Gray Parrot was left without food for almost 3 days and thanks God he survived. When i remembered I ha to rush back home.

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