What is a cuttlebone?

QuestionsWhat is a cuttlebone?
Marry Nikolson Staff asked 5 months ago

Cuttlebone is actually oval shaped skeleton of cuttlefish which is rich in calcium and minerals.

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John Sweat Staff answered 5 months ago

Cuttlebone is equally popular in most breed of parrots including love birds, cocktails, lorries, parakeets, African grey parrots and macaws.
Most of veterinarian suggest cuttlebone as a natural source of calcium and salts to birds which is specially helpful for their beaks.

Saira Khan Staff answered 5 months ago

Sometimes when you receive cuttlebone either it is small or in broken pieces. You need not to worry because your birds will eat it even if it is broken. Alternatively you can put the broken pieces in bird water.

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