Why is my cat biting herself while playing?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhy is my cat biting herself while playing?
janet santos Staff asked 4 months ago

Timothy J Johnson had asked us this question from 2198 Luke Lane,Oklahoma and he says that

“I had this cat from two years and i have seen a strange behavior. Whenever my cat is playing with me after some time why is my cat biting herself? I am a bit worried because of this”

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Marry Nikolson Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Timothy ,
This behavior of your cat is really bit strange. There can be variety of reasons for this but most of times as per my experience a cat is biting herself when there are fleas like ticks, mites in her skin. The cat may damage her skin badly and the ticks might be transferred to the skin of your pet dogs. Not only this such mites can cause skin irritation in humans as well

Hazel Williams Staff answered 4 months ago

Sometimes your cat is very angry because she is seeking attention and she needs a reward. When you feed your cat at mealtime, click and reward him with a favorite treat. Continue doing this until he has accomplished what he was going to do. He will associate the sound of the click with the food he gets and with receiving his favorite treat. In this way the happiness index of your pet will increase and he will stop scratching or biting himself.

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